!Amigas Forever!

!Amigas Forever!
Новые поступления. Здоровье и семья
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With the accelerated growth of the Hispanic population in the U.S., artist and designer Luis Fitch wants to ensure that this market is served with art centered primarily in Hispanic themes with a crossover appeal. He presents a fun and unique gift book that will appeal to Spanish–speaking readers as well as English–speaking readers who have friends of Hispanic heritage. Latina friendships run intense and true. This bilingual collection of zippy quotes, classic literary snippets, and sassy comments on life is a tribute to these amazing friendships and to the deep roots that keep them anchored for a lifetime. The colorful and brilliant artwork of Luis Fitch captures and complements all the spice and zest that embodies these wonderful relationships. This homage to a friend whose love, understanding, and encouragement have made life sweeter make a delightful gift forbirthdays, special accomplishments, as a thank–you, or just because.

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