"101+ Complaint Letters That Get Results, 2E: Resolve Common Disputes Quickly and Easily"

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"How many times have you just had to say, "There is nothing I can do about it"? Well, say it no more. While the cost, in both time and money, to take someone to court is not worth it for all the little things, there is something you can do to get your car fixed, get your landlord to respond and get your money back-and it is as simple as writing an effective letter. 101+ Complaint Letters That Get Results guides the reader through common complaint situations where letters, written in a focused and forceful manner, can save money and hassle. Sample letters are designed for those times when you need to write a letter of complaint-to get your credit card interest lowered; to have a home repair fixed correctly; to be reimbursed for a leather coat damaged at a dry cleaners; and many more. To save even more time, the attached CD-ROM contains all the sample letters so you can make a few quick changes and be ready to send your letter out the door. Having the ability to drop in...

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