4000 Monograms

4000 Monograms
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4000 Monograms


A monogram is a character consisting of two or more interwoven letters or ciphers, intended as an abbreviation, mostly of a name. The word monogram is derived from the Greek monos `single` and gramma `letter`. Probably one of the most well - known examples is that formed by the letters cbi and rbo, the first letters of the Greek Gbristos, Christ. In Greek and Roman times, the monograms of heads of state were used on coins, medals, and monuments. Charlemagne was the first ruler to use his monogram as a signature on documents. Frankish, French and German sover - eigns continued this practice until well into the 13th century. Later, monograms were used as trademarks by merchants who were not entitled to display a coat of arms. Generally, these monograms consisted of the owner`s initials with a private device. Early printers used monograms on their title pages, and artists used them for signing their engravings and paintings. Nowadays, monograms are mostly used as trademarks, or a mark of...

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