601 Woodshop Tips&Tricks

601 Woodshop Tips&Tricks
Новые поступления - 2010 г. - Июнь
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Woodworkers are cleverWoodworkers are often faced with challenges while building. The best woodworkers are quick to come up with one, if not a dozen solutions to these complications. No, theya??re not all original solutions. But the cleverest among us learn from others, and thata??s what this book is all about. Take advantage of years worth of collected cleverness by learning from the tips and tricks collected here: starting with basic tips on how to set up your shop, and following with wisdom on finishing, joinery, shop math, tools and more. 601 Woodshop Tips&Tricks also offers helpful hints on keeping your shop tidy and efficient, and wea??ve even tossed in some tricks to use around the house.Remember, the smart woodworker may not have all the answers, but they do know where to find them!

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