1 and 2 Thessalonians Through the Centuries

1 and 2 Thessalonians Through the Centuries
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Thiselton’s reception history commentary on the first two of Paul’s epistles investigates the evolution of religious beliefs and practices resulting from the letters, and their impact on social and political developments across the centuries. It also demonstrates how these events and changing customs inturn influenced the interpretation of the letters. Thiselton’s analysis provides a broad range of original perspectives, offering the reader a depth and appreciation of these two important letters. In discussing the content, setting, and authenticity of the two Thessalonian letters, Thiselton examines the responses from leading scholars, poets, hymn writers, preachers, theologians, and biblical scholars throughout the ages. He also investigates the issues of feminist biblical interpretation raised by the letters, including Paul?s allegedly manipulative strategy in laying claim to authoritative fatherhood. With the inclusion of a history of two–way influences, as exemplified...

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