Paradigms : Business of Discovering the Future, The

Paradigms : Business of Discovering the Future, The
Entrepreneur Press
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How would like to spot future trends before the competition? We all know the rules for success in our business or professions, yet we also know that these rules--paradigms--can change at any time. What Joel Barker does in Paradigms: The Business of Discovering the Future is explain how to spot paradigm shifts, how they unfold, and how to profit from them. Through the power of this method--paradigm spotting--you can: find the people in your organization most likely to spot a new trend help your key people adept when a massive change is occurring learn to effectively grapple with your "intractable problems" and improve your results incalculably. In addition, Paradigms is full of concrete examples of paradigm shifts and predictions for the future, and contains a new introduction detailing recent developments and pointing out areas to watch tor paradigm shifts.

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