3ds max Animation and Visual Effects Techniques (Graphics Series)

3ds max Animation and Visual Effects Techniques (Graphics Series)
McFarland & Company
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Book Description3ds max Animation and Visual Effects Techniques provides you with an organized and thorough process for integrating all of the features of 3ds max to create, animate, render, and finish an animation project. All of the visual effects and animation techniques covered are based on an actual film project that was done completely with 3ds max. Beginning with a review of the essentials, you?ll learn about all of the key features used in animation and visual effects. You?ll learnabout the fundamentals of animated filmmaking, and you?ll work through detailed tutorials covering modeling of buildings, environments, humans, and aliens. Once you?ve created the models, the animation techniques are explored, including character setup with bones, lip sync, facial expression, and walk cycles. From there the process moves to scene animation, visual effects, materials and textures, and lighting and rendering. The book ends with detailed chapters on character...

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