...Одна сатана; Законник Серия: Русский бестселлер

...Одна сатана; Законник Серия: Русский бестселлер
Cambridge University Press
Современный мужской детектив. Д - Л (архив)
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"First Certificate Avenues" prepares upper-intermediate level learners thoroughly for all five papers of the Cambridge First Certificate in English Examination. This revised edition of "First Certificate Avenues" has been thoroughly updated to conform to the 1996 specifications for the exam. Each of the 15 topic-based units has four lessons. The first three lessons in a unit explore aspects of the topic through motivating language and skills work. The fourth lesson focuses specifically on the exam. It introduces and analyses the five exam papers and provides a wealth of practice material. Regular test exercises revise the language presented in each unit and also give practice in the types of question found in Paper 3 of the 1996 format. The course has a carefully-designed syllabus which balances the demands of the exam with the needs of the learner, providing: thorough grammar coverage; integrated vocabulary learning; explicit exam training; ...

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