Microsoft Visual Studio. 2008 Unleashed

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Microsoft Visual Studio. 2008 Unleashed
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The release of Visual Studio 2005 and Visual Studio Team Systems marked a major revisionto the .NET development experience. It brought us code snippets, custom projecttemplates, refactoring, data binding wizards, smart tags, modeling tools, automatedtesting tools, and project and task management-to name just a few features.Visual Studio 2008 builds on these tools and provides additional core changes and additions to the Visual Studio integrated development environment (IDE). The languages have many new improvements, the Framework has a number of additions, and the tools have been significantly enhanced. For instance, Visual Studio 2008 includes such things asWindows Presentation Foundation (WPF) for building richer client solutions, WindowsCommunication Foundation (WCF) to help build more dynamic service-oriented solutions,and Windows Workflow Foundation (WF) to enable structured programmingaround business processes. In addition, there are language enhancements such as theLanguage Integrated Query (LINQ) and team systems enhancements such as code metrics,performance profiling, and a revised team build system. All of these tools are meant toincrease your productivity and success rate. This book is meant to help you unlock themany tools built into Visual Studio so that you can realize these gains.

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