Microwave Oscillator Design

Microwave Oscillator Design
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The work focuses on the study, design and implementation of a C band Microwave oscillator using coaxial resonators, for the transceiver used in wave radar. It involves a literature study discussing different aspects of microwave oscillators, mainly the shielding of the oscillators, frequency pulling due to load and supply pulling, tuning range and the temperature performance of the oscillator. The study of the shielding resulted in proposing a high quality metallic shield with high elastic modulus, high strength and high density, as the wave radar will be a stationary, standalone system and the weight of the shield is not a limiting factor. The metallic shield provides better EMI and EMP performance than the carbon ferrites. The characterization of the resonator is critical as a small mistake pulled the frequency about 300 MHz. This can be achieved by careful design and measuring the resonator test circuits for one port. The tuning range of the oscillator is important as the...

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