Microwaves and Wireless Simplified

Microwaves and Wireless Simplified
Artech House Publishers
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If you are a sales, marketing, or management professional whose work involves microwave or wireless communications technology, this thoroughly revised second edition of the Artech House classic, Microwaves and Wireless Simplified, is essential reading. It gives you a technical edge in your career by providing you with a thorough understanding of key concepts, components, devices, materials, and applications, without bogging you down with mathematics. Helping you foresee emerging market trends, the second edition has been updated and expanded to include coverage of the latest technologies, including WLANs, RFIDs, RFICs, MEMS, GPS, Bluetooth and bipolar heterojunction devices. The new edition also includes more definitions of basic technological terms that are important in your field.

This valuable reference helps you communicate more accurately with designers, engineers, and other technical personnel. It enables you to better understand clients’ technical needs and devise technical solutions to effectively meet those needs. With more than 100 illustrations, thoroughly explained in down-to-earth language, and a comprehensive glossary, this book offers you the technical savvy that the wireless and microwave industries demand of all successful professionals.

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