A Companion to Modern British and Irish Drama

A Companion to Modern British and Irish Drama
Книги издательства Willey
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This Companion provides a set of provocative agendas for investigating modern drama. It offers the most comprehensive challenge to existing constructions of the canon and examines in detail the dialogue between developments in Britain and Ireland. Contributors investigate radical postcolonial readings, offer revisionist feminist critiques, and reflect on why certain playwrights have been written in and others written out. Why have certain institutions dominated the constructions of dramatic canons? What role have female playwrights adopted in challenging stage conventions and modes of production? These are among the questions addressed by the Companion to Modern British and Irish Drama. The volume analyzes a wide range of plays and performance traditions, and explores the political, cultural, economic and institutional frameworks that readers require in order to get to grips with them. The Companion plots continuities and discontinuities, innovations, and resistances to the new. Its...

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