Accounting for Managers : Interpreting Accounting Information for Decision-Making

Accounting for Managers : Interpreting Accounting Information for Decision-Making
Free Press
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Accounting for Managers explains how accounting information is used by non-financial managers. The book emphasizes the interpretation, rather than the construction, of accounting information and encourages a critical, rather than unthinking acceptance, of the underlying assumptions behind accounting. It links theory with practical examples and case studies drawn from real life business situations in service, retail and manufacturing industries. Paul M. Collier applies a managerial approachto show how to: Understand the relationship between strategy, business events and financial information. Use accounting information in planning, decision-making and control. Identify the concepts that underlie the construction of accounting reports and the limitations of accounting numbers. The book has been written for MBA and other postgraduate students, undergraduate students who are undertaking courses in accounting that do not lead to...

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