Ace the Corporate Personality Test

Ace the Corporate Personality Test
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Virtually everyone looking for corporate work today must submit to a personality test. Better plan ahead and prepare yourself with this quick and easy guide to out-foxing and out-psyching the dreaded test. Author Edward Hoffman delivers a jargon-free tutorial on what applicants can expect from the test. He explains what six dimensions of personality the test measures, how the test is evaluated, and most importantly, what employers can and can’t ask applicants. Ace the Corporate Personality Test also features: Sample questions and scripted answers from tests that are widely used. Advice on how to frame your answers so they fit the particular position you’re seeking, whether in sales, management, or elsewhere. Detailed tips on how to conquerpre-test jitters and optimize concentration. Insights into legal issues and the rights of applicants regarding test results. Learn how to position yourself for the job you want, and ensure that your personality test says everything...

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