Acts of Love: A Memoir

Acts of Love: A Memoir
Coteau Books
Новые поступления. Здоровье и семья
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An award-winning personal memoir of enduring love and painful loss throughout an eventful life, told in a series of vignettes by an exceptional journalist. Using writing that ensnares one with its lively candor and its unrestrained intimacy, veteran writer and broadcast journalist Pat Krause draws her readers into a journey that few would choose but even fewer will escape - the experience of living through the illness and eventual death of her lifelong partner. Like the pages of a cherished photo album, the 19 "stories" in Acts of Love present snapshots of these interwoven lives. Around the details of their common front in the daily battle with disease, Pat arranges her recollections of their life together - their family, their travels, their many friends, and the love that endured through it all. One such memory is of the life and death of her famous father, Dr. Allan Blair, a pioneer in cancer research. The result of it all is a powerful love story which reveals a great sense of...

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