Adam Bede

Adam Bede
Oxford University Press
Eliot, George
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Introduction, Adam Bede, Appendix 1: George Eliot`s History of Adam Bede, Appendix 2: The Crime, Trial, and Execution of Mary Voce: Three Contemporary Broadsheets, Explanatory Notes


And I would not, even if I had the choice, be the clever novelist who could create a world so much better than this, in which we get up early in the morning to do our daily work. In Adam Bede (1859) George Eliot took the well-worn tale of a lovely dairy-maid seduced by a careless squire, and out of it created a wonderfully innovative and sympathetic portrait of the lives of ordinary Midlands working people— their labours and loves, their beliefs, their talk. Hugely popular in its own time, Adam Bede is one of the greatest examples of humane and liberal Victorian social concern, a pioneering classic of radical social realism. It is also important for the way it meditates on the need for such fiction and the methods of writing it. As the Introduction declares: `The distinction of Adam Bede is to tell a story, and also to tell about telling a story. This is a novel about obscure lives, and also about how to be a novel about obscure lives.` This edition reprints...

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