Adaptive Wireless Transceivers

Adaptive Wireless Transceivers
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Adaptive Wireless Transceivers provides the reader with a broad overview of near–instantaneously adaptive transceivers in the context of TDMA, CDMA and OFDM systems. The adaptive transceivers examined employ powerful turbo codecs, turbo equalisers and space–time codecs, equipping the reader with a future–proof technological road map. It demonstrates that adaptive transceivers are capable of mitigating the channel quality fluctuations of the wireless channel as a lower–complexity alternative to space–time coding. By contrast, if the higher complexity of multiple transmitters and multiple receiver–assisted systems is deemed acceptable, the advantages of adaptability erode. Provides an in–depth introduction to channel equalisers and Kalman filtering and discusses the associated complexity versus performance trade–offs Introduces wideband near–instantaneously adaptive transceivers and studies their performance both with and without turbo channel coding...

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