Advanced Control Unleashed

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Advanced Control Unleashed
ISA Press
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There has been a dynamic development of control over the past 50 years. Many new methods have appeared. The methods have traditionally been presented in highly specialized books written for researchers or engineers with advanced degrees in control theory. These books have been very useful to advance the state of the art but are difficult, however, for an average engineer. It is thus highly desirable to present the industrially proven control methods to ordinary engineers working in industry. Advanced Control Unleashed provides a basis for assessing the benefits of advanced control. The book covers auto-tuning, model predictive control, optimization, estimators, neural networks, fuzzy control, simulators, expert systems, diagnostics, and performance assessment. It is written by four seasoned practitioners of control, having jointly more than 100 years of real industrial experience in the development and use of advanced control. The book is well positioned to provide the bridge over the infamous Gap between Theory and Practice in control. As an added bonus, the book includes a CD that helps bridge theoretical concepts and practical implementations by providing real DeltaV simulations and displays. This interactive CD offers practical design, simulation, and implementation examples that make key examples in the book come alive. Configuration and case files are supplied for a hands-on experience and PowerPoint files suitable for lectures on each unit are also included.

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