Advanced IP Network Design (CCIE Professional Development)

Advanced IP Network Design (CCIE Professional Development)
Cisco Press


Advanced IP Network Design provides the solutions network engineers and managers need to grow and stabilize large IP networks. Technology advancements and corporate growth inevitably lead to the necessity for network expansion. This book presents design concepts and techniques that enable networks to evolve into supporting larger, more complex applications while maintaining critical stability. Advanced IP Network Design provides you with a basic foundation to understand and implement the most efficient network design around the network core, distribution and access layers, and the common and edge network services. After establishing an efficient hierarchical network design, you will learn to apply OSPF, IS-IS, EIGRP, BGP, NHRP, and MPLS. Case studies support each protocol to provide you with valuable solutions to common stumbling blocks encountered when implementing an IGP- or EGP-based network.

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