Advanced Lighting and Materials With Shaders

Advanced Lighting and Materials With Shaders
Charles River Media
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Общедоступная история астрономии в XIX столетии


A careful look at the real world and you begin to realize that most of the detail you see is a result of subtle lighting effects. Your perception of reality is affected by very subtle changes in the way light interacts with the objects around you. Therefore, if your goal is to recreate reality (or to create a new reality), you must include as many of these effects as possible. This book starts by explaining the underlying principles of lighting theory, but distinguishes itself from most titles quickly by providing practical examples using specific techniques to detail the theory. Topics include the physics of light, modeling real-world light, raytracing and related techniques, objects and materials, lighting and reflectance models, implementing lights in shaders, spherical harmonic lighting, spherical harmonics in DirectX, and real-time radiosity. The CD-ROM contains all of the source code used in the sample applications. The applications were written with OpenGL and DirectX....

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