Advanced Techniques for Embedded Systems Design and Test

Advanced Techniques for Embedded Systems Design and Test
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Общедоступная история астрономии в XIX столетии


As electronic technology reaches the point where complex systems can be integrated on a single chip, and higher degrees of performance can be achieved at lower costs, designers must devise new ways to undertake the laborious task of coping with the numerous, and non-trivial, problems that arise during the conception of such systems. On the other hand, shorter design cycles (so that electronic products can fit into shrinking market windows) put companies, and consequently designers, under pressure in a race to obtain reliable products in the minimum period of time. New methodologies, supported by automation and abstraction, have appeared which have been crucial in making it possible for system designers to take over the traditional electronic design process and embedded systems is one of the fields that these methodologies are mainly targeting. The inherent complexity of these systems, with hardware and software components that usually execute concurrently, and the very tight cost and...

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