Adventures of Reddy Fox

Adventures of Reddy Fox
Dover Publications
Burgess, Thornton W.
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Adventures of Reddy Fox


When little Reddy Fox gets too big for his breeches and steals a plump pet hen in broad daylight, the stage is set for an exciting tale as Farmer Brown`s boy pursues Reddy with loaded gun and Bowser the Hound. Fortunately, Reddy has wise Granny Fox on his side and, with some timely help from other woodland friends, manages to avoid an unhappy ending. As this timeless fable unfolds, children will delight in Reddy`s risky antics and the commotion his behavior causes among Johnny Chuck, Drummer the Woodpecker, Peter Rabbit and the other inhabitants of the Green Forest. Thornton W.Burgess, author of `Old Mother West Wind` and many other children`s classics, was a master at telling a good story that holds a child`s attention while instilling an important lesson in the most painless and enjoyable fashion. First published in 1913, `The Adventures of Reddy Fox` was one of his finest efforts. In this inexpensive Dover edition, newly reset in large easy-to-read type, it will delight...

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