After the Cabaret

After the Cabaret
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After the Cabaret


Young American academic Greg Phillips is on the trail of Sally Bowles, that lively and loveable character from Christopher Isherwood`s Goodbye to Berlin. Trying to piece together the missing links of Sally`s life for a new biography, Greg travels to London to speak to one of Sally`s last conquests, the tauntingly evasive Bruno. As Bruno slowly thaws, he fantalises Greg with snippets, facts and fantasies about the real Sally Bowles, her life, loves and her dual career as a cabaret singer and apostman in 1940s London. Despite the distance of time, Greg finds himself falling for the mythical Sally, becoming mired in a morass of evil and courage that threatens to destroy his orderly life. Revealing a world of mystery and espionage, After the Cabaret is an engaging novel continuing the life of one of literature`s best loved characters - the Sally Bowles of Goodbye to Berlin and the hugely successful film, Cabaret.

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