All the Available Light: A Marilyn Monroe Reader

All the Available Light: A Marilyn Monroe Reader
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Forty years after her death, one would think that enough had been written about Marilyn Monroe to satisfy even the most avid fan. Yet here is another book that looks at the legacy of this icon. McDonough, author of a forthcoming novel (The Four Temperaments) and, ironically, a tribute to the Barbie doll, has gathered together 17 essays by authors past and present who muse on Marilyn as cultural icon, sex goddess, victim, and actress. Joyce Carol Oates ("Centerfold") and Gloria Steinem ("The Woman Who Will Not Die") share these pages with Sir Laurence Olivier ("The Prince and the Showgirl") and Clare Booth Luce ("The Love Goddess Who Never Found Love"). Some of these pieces were previously published, some were excerpted from longer works, and some were written for this collection. At times, it is difficult to tell which have been previously published and where; McDonough would have done well to list this information along with the piece itself instead of in the introductions to each...

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