Anatomy for Anaesthetists

Anatomy for Anaesthetists
Книги издательства Willey
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This book has been written by one of the great teachers of anatomy, working closely with two well–known teachers of anaesthesia. The book provides the detailed anatomical knowledge vital for the safe practice of anaesthesia, and is aimed at those preparing for professional examinations in anaesthesia and intensive care. Unlike a general textbook of anatomy, which must cover the entire body, this book concentrates on areas of particular relevance to anaesthesia, highlighting features of practical importance to anaesthetists. The text is divided into nine sections: the respiratory pathway, the heart, the vertebral canal and its contents, the peripheral nerves, the autonomic nervous system, the cranial nerves, the anatomy of pain, and zones of anaesthetic interest. A new chapter on the orbit and its contents has been added to the final section. The eighth edition has been expanded and fully updated, and includes new and enhanced illustrations.

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