Art Deco. Карты

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Art Deco. Карты
Piatnik & Sons
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Книга 1, Записки биржевого спекулянта, Книга 2, Современные финансовые инструменты, Книга 3, Курс Forex. От простого к сложному, CD-ROM, Методики торговли-5, 2 пластиковые карты, Карта доступа к интернет-курсу "TeleTRADE. Базовый курс, Карта доступа к управлению реальным счетом на FOREX в $300, Приглашение на два очных семинара, Блокнот, Ручка


An expansion of the Viennese Biedermeier and "Gipsy" Cartomancy sets to a full complement of 52 cards. The old standbys - the House, Judge, Sweetheart, Fox, Death, Merriment, Letter, and Desire - are still here, but they have been joined by added images relating to 20th century social concerns (Treason, the Foreign Woman, Pride). The art is vivid and poster-like, in the colourful graphic style of the 1930s. Each unnumbered card is identified at the bottom with its name in 6 languages: German, English, French, Italian, Hungarian, and Croatian. Because the pack fills its box tightly, no instruction booklet is included, but the cards can be read using the booklets from the Gipsy or Biedermeier card sets. This is a wonderful self-interpreting cartomancy deck for professional card readers and for fans of Art Deco poster-style graphics.

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