Art of the Siesta: A Book About Stealing Moments of Repose

Art of the Siesta: A Book About Stealing Moments of Repose
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With charming urbanity and lightness of touch, Thierry Paquot argues the case for those few snatched moments of rest taken during the day in an elegantly illustrated book that will make a handsome gift for any occasion. This refreshingly original contribution to the literature of relaxation is a wonderful, sometimes erotic philosophical read that encourages us to cherish the age-old tradition of the siesta, which has ancient roots in antiquity yet is yielding even in Mediterranean lands to the tyranny of the 9-to-5 workday. Whether a heavy sleep or a five-minute doze, an afternoon nap or a mid-morning daydreaming, the siesta comes in many forms, all of which permit us to relax and reflect in the midst of a hectic daily schedule. More than that, the siesta represents the art of living ? an assertion of human autonomy in an increasingly corporatized and globalized culture. Each chapter muses on a different aspect of the siesta and celebrates the importance of...

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