Assessment Practice in Student Affairs: An Applications Manual

Assessment Practice in Student Affairs: An Applications Manual
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"A must read for anyone interested in understanding and developing assessments that can demonstrate the efficacy of their programs and services. A perfect sequel to Assessment in Student Affairs ." -- Charles C. Schroeder, vice chancellor for student affairs, University of Missouri Columbia "Upcraft and Schuh tell us when, where, how, and why we should conduct assessments differently within a wide variety of student service departments. Read and apply!" -- Gary R. Hanson, professor,Educational Leadership and Policy Studies, Arizona State University When Assessment in Student Affairs first appeared in 1996, readers found a practical context for viewing the power of assessment across the domain of student services. Since then, John H. Schuh and M. Lee Upcraft have received numerous requests for more specific guidance to assessing and communicating the value of student affairs. This manual continues the work begun in their earlier book and provides a...

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