Atlas of the Medieval World

Atlas of the Medieval World
Oxford University Press
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Царь Никита, Орлов с Истоминой в постеле, Гаврилиада, Монах, Граф Нулин, Тень Баркова


Grade 9 Up–This work goes considerably beyond a typical atlas in scope. Political topics predominate in the two- or four-page topical spreads, but economic, social, and cultural subjects are also examined. The volume ranges from Iceland and Greenland to Southeast Asia, concentrating on Europe. Highly detailed maps are abundant; time lines, quotations, tables, color photos of artifacts and buildings, and building plans and other diagrams are also included, along with a significant amount of text. For the most part, the elements of each spread are independent of one another, and the detailed maps and time lines include many more locations and events than those mentioned in the text. Often, multiple time periods are covered in one map, with colors and a variety of cross-hatchings and bold lines describing the realities of each era. Although routes of invasion and campaigns occasionally appear, there are no maps or mention of individual battles. A few inconsistencies in spelling were...

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