Barra`s Angel

Barra`s Angel
Fourth Estate
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Barra`s Angel


As Easter approaches in the small Highland community of Drumdarg, Rose Maclean is faced with a problem. Her husband Chalmers has caught the eye of flirty Sheena Mearns. Rose, however, is not the only one with problems. The crime that poor mad HattieMacaskill was accused of many years ago is about to be resurrected. Stewart Cunningham is bringing up his unpopular Sassenach wife from London to revisit the `Big House` of his childhood, and Maisie Henderson fears that if her alcoholic common-law husbandDoug ever gives up the drink, he`ll notice how overweight she is - and take off. And, as if Rose`s husband isn`t giving her enough to worry about, her wayward fourteen-year-old son Barra would have her believe that he has a new best friend called Jamie - a friend only Barra can see, a friend who Barra insists will sort out everyone`s problems.

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