Best Practice: The Pros on Adobe Flash

Best Practice: The Pros on Adobe Flash
Delmar Cengage Learning
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Learn to master the full capabilities of Flash with this innovative, forward-thinking book designed to motivate as well as instruct. In an effort to breathe new life into the traditionally dull world of technical instructional books, "Best Practice: The Pros on Flash" showcases leading artists and designers, using their creativity and experience as a launching pad for introducing Flash topics and techniques. Each chapter features an in-depth interview with an artist who has developed unique Flash methodologies to create provocative and inspiring multimedia work. By examining their influences and concepts - and by providing step-by-step instruction on how Flash is used to realize their artistic vision - this book provides a comprehensive, personalized look at Flash and its capabilities. Each chapter features in-depth background on the artist and detailed examination of his or her work as well as step-by-step instruction on how the artist creatively used Flash. Best Practice: The Pros...

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