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Biedermeier, with its newly revised introduction, serves as an unrivaled sourcebook for the furniture and decor of this period. Angus Wilkie traces the era’s complex history, giving a broad cultural and social background to the work itself. Providing an overview of the astonishing variety of furniture produced by local cabinetmakers from Germany to Scandinavia, this text showcases candlesticks, secretaries, and spittoons crafted in rich fruitwoods and decorated with inlays and sunburst veneers. With the aid of photographs of actual pieces and previously unpublished drawings, the regional designs are compared to one another, giving a rare view of the world of the nineteenth-century craftsman and of the design philosophy underlying the elegant aesthetics of the Biedermeier style. Wilkie’s pioneering research is accompanied by over 160 specially commissioned color photographs, as well as watercolors of Biedermeier interiors, sketches, original textile designs, and original drawings of...

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