Biotechnology, Products of Secondary Metabolism

Biotechnology, Products of Secondary Metabolism


Products of secondary metabolism from fermentation and cell culture are mainly pharmaceuticals, ranging from traditional antibacterials like beta-lactams, new generation compounds like dalbaheptides and lantibiotics to immunomodulators and antitumor drugs. The major fields of application of these low volume/high price products are human and veterinary medicine as well as plant protection. In this volume functionally based screening approaches and the applications of molecular genetics in the discovery and process improvement of compounds are emphasized. Along with the exploitation of new sources the growing understanding of biosynthetic processes permits the identification of the genetic backgrounds.
Topics included are: Novel Receptor-Active Compounds - Microbial Lipids - Microbial Siderophores - beta-Lactam Antibiotics - Peptide Antibiotics - Lantibiotics - Glycopeptide Antibiotics (Dalbaheptides) - Aminoglycosides - Products from Basidiomycetes - Cyclosporins - Secondary Products from Plant Cells - Antitumor Agents

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