Black Is a Color

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Black Is a Color
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Book DescriptionIn Black is a Color , contemporary art historian and curator Elvan Zabunyan proposes a new approach to contemporary art and its history through the practice of Black American artists from the Harlem Renaissance to today. Combining ahistorical study with probing critical analysis, Black is a Color depicts an America marked indelibly by its slavery past, out of which Afro-American contemporary artists have been able to build a singular and engaged body of work to protest against the cultural and political consequences of racial discrimination. In chapters covering notions of "Black conscience," the relation of "attitude" to form, and women Afro-American artists, Zabunyan traces the emergence of artistic identity in various forms of representation (painting, sculpture, photography, video, and performance). Close readings of the oeuvres of David Hammons, Adrian Piper, and others uncover the place of the body, urban space, and memory in the works of Black...

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