Blueprint Two. Students` Book

Blueprint Two. Students` Book
Pearson Education Limited, Longman
Английский язык (архив)
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Blueprint two. Students` Book


`Blueprint Two` is a fully-integrated course for elementary and pre-intermediate students of English. `Blueprint Two` builds on the foundation of skills and confidence established by `Blueprint One`, with an emphasis on reading and writing. Blueprint enables students to see clearly what they are learning and why: - Preview sections contextualise the language which is to follow. - Focus boxes in each unit highlight the language content. - Check exercises help students to monitor their progress. - A Language Review reference section provides a complete grammar summary. Blueprint encourages students to explore the language and to learn efficiently: - Inductive grammar questions stimulate students to reflect on how the language works. - Learning to learn sections give students advice on how to improve their learning skills. Blueprint relates to students` lives and challenges them to think: - Topics emphasise...

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