Bow the Dog

Bow the Dog
Государственное издательство художественной литературы
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Предисловие, Собственник, Интерлюдия. Последнее лето Форсайта, В петле, Интерлюдия. Пробуждение, Сдается внаем


Book Description Who can resist the face of a cute little puppy? As the $31 billion pet industry can attest, not many. From Artlist Collection enter Bow The Dog, a paw-sitively adorable book chock full of puppies at their licking, wet-nosed, curly-tailed best. Photographed with a fish-eye lens in extreme close-up the dogs look both completely familiar and surprisingly fresh. These unforgettable images are uniquely intimate, making the puppies practically fall right off the page into your lap. This unusual photographic treatment of these contagiously cute cuddly canines is what distinguishes Bow the Dog from the pack and gives it such magnetic appeal. Bow the Dog showcases a wide array of breeds, arranged alphabetically, from the Alaskan Malamute to the Irish Setter to the Welsh Corgi. Puppy stats and other fun-filled four-legged facts accompany each picture while dog bones, paw prints and other decorative flourishes adorn every page. Eclectic, original, charmingly...

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