Braiding: Easy Styles for Everyone (Personal Care Collection)

Braiding: Easy Styles for Everyone (Personal Care Collection)
McGraw-Hill/TAB Electronics
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Newnes Passive and Discrete Circuits Pocket Book is aimed at all engineers, technicians, students and experimenters who can build a design directly from a circuit diagram. In a highly concise form Ray Marston presents a huge compendium of circuits that can be built as they appear, adapted or used as building blocks. The devices used have been carefully chosen for their ease of availability and reasonable price. The selection of devices has been thoroughly updated for the second edition, which has also been expanded to cover the latest ICs. The three sections of the book cover: Modern passive components: relays, meters, motors, sensors and transducers Design of attenuators, filters and bridge circuits Discrete semiconductor devices: JFET,MOSFET, CMOS, VMOS, UJT, SCR, TRIAC, and various optoelectronic devices The subjects are treated in an easy-to-read, highly practical manner with a minimum of mathematics. Ray Marston has proved, through hundreds of circuits...

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