BrickJournal Compendium Volume 3

BrickJournal Compendium Volume 3
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BrickJournal Compendium Volume 3 compiles the digital-only issues #6-7 of the acclaimed online magazine for LEGO enthusiasts of all ages - for the first time in printed form! This full-color book spotlights all aspects of the LEGO Community through interviews with builders Knud Thomsen (builder of a LEGO city), Anthony Sava (castle and dragon builder), Jorgen Vig Knudstorp (CEO to the LEGO Group) and the duo Arvo (builders of many incredible models), plus features on LEGO fan conventions, such as BrickFest 2006, LEGO World (the Netherlands), and 1000steine-land (Germany), reviews and behind the scenes reports on two LEGO sets (the Cafe Corner and Hobby Train), creating custom mini-figures, instructions and techniques and more!

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