British Sports Cars

British Sports Cars
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О книге С.П.Мельгунова "Красный террор в России", Красный террор в России. 1918-1923, Чекистский Олимп, Приложения


In a very particular way British sports cars reflect British society, with its class structure and contradictions. There are the aristocrats such as the Bentley 4-1/2 litre supercharged model or the Aston Martin Vanquish. At the other end of the wheel-based social scale are the purveyors of sporty mobility like the MG TC or the Austin Healey Sprite. Somewhere in between, January boss Sir William Lyons made it his mission to make his fine creations accessible, even to people who could not afford them.So far about two and a half million British sports cars have been produced, from the best-selling MGB with its huge total of 513,272 roadsters and coupes to the exotic Jaguar XK SS, which only 16 fortunate people were able to own.

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