Burning City

Burning City
Plaza y Janes
Поступления - 2008 г.
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Мастерская Деда Мороза, Рождественский праздник, Необычная елка Чипа и Дейла, Долгожданный сочельник, Свитер для Плуто, Питер Пэн и похищение Деда Мороза, История, рассказанная Микки под Рождество, Легко ли работать Дедом Морозом, Рождественские послания гномов Деду Морозу


It is the simmering summer of 2001 in New York City. Heller is the youngest employee of Soft Tidings, a messenger service whose motto is “news with a personal touch.” At Soft Tidings, a message is not handed over but told to the recipient. And the messages, as a rule, are not especially good news. Heller prefers his bike to the mandatory Rollerblades, and he gets away with his maniacal bike riding because he is, hands down, the best deliverer of bad news. This summer will be memorable for Heller as he finds himself drawn into the lives of a wildly diverse cast of characters, accidentally falling in love, and relating to people in a whole new way. From the Hardcover edition.

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