C++ Standard Library Practical Tips (Programming Series)

C++ Standard Library Practical Tips (Programming Series)
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C++ Standard Library Practical Tips teaches beginning and experienced programmers how to use the Standard Library and its major component the Standard Template Library (STL) effectively in routine programming chores. The book provides 100 quick, easy-to-use tips and solutions to common programming problems such as using the right container, getting a C-style array from a vector, initializing a map with specifi ed values, and computing the mean, median, and mode. The solutions are grouped by topics including, lists, deques, vectors, text processing, numerical algorithms, numerical processing, and containers so programmers can quickly look up a solution when they encounter a problem. To demonstrate the use of the tips in practical application, the book concludes with a capstone project about digital image processing and, in particular, image enhancement. This application shows the power of the Standard Library as it graphically illustrates how just a few lines of Standard Library code...

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