Cables and Wiring

Cables and Wiring
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This concise, easy-to-use book is your single-source guide to electrical cables. Written in two parts, Cables and Wiring, 2E begins with chapters that illustrate acceptable methods for installing, splicing, and terminating power cables. The second part of Cables and Wiring is a complete reference to over 30 types of Underwriters Laboratories® and National Electrical Code® listed cable and wire. It includes information on available sizes, ampacities, temperature ranges, allowable installations,receiving and handling, and termination methods. Features: -updated to include the many new cable typesboth copper and fiber opticused for voice and data communication -includes expanded information in many areas, updated for the 1999 National Electrical Code® -provides information unavailable in any other single location for easy reference -comprehensive and practical coverage provides quick access to information on power cable and wire construction, splicing,...

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