Calderon De La Barca, Four Great Plays of the Golden Age

Calderon De La Barca, Four Great Plays of the Golden Age
Hal Leonard Corporation
Поступления - 2009г.
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LIFE IS A DREAM,THE PHANTOM LADY,THE CONSTANT PRINCE,THE GREAT THEATRE OF THE WORLDBy most accounts the greatest playwright of a great era the luminous siglo de oro or Spanish Golden Age Calderon de la Barca (1600-1681) remains best known in the English speaking world for one play, Life Is A Dream. Like any truly great artist, however, Calderon s brilliance is impossible to understand through a single work. His range of subject, style, and tonality is vast, encompassing tragedy, metaphysics, romantic comedy, honor, illusion, reality, and religion. Here is a group of plays that begins to demonstrate the scope of his achievement, in accessible, accurate, production-tested translations. Equally at home in the classroom or the theater, these texts bring a major playwright to life in three dimensions for English-speaking audiences. Life Is A Dream poses fundamental questions about the nature of existence are we truly awake or do we dream our way through life? How do we know what is real...

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