Caleb Williams

Caleb Williams
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Introduction, Caleb Williams


William Godwin remarked of his book that `It is perhaps but a few times in any man`s life that such an idea offers itself to his mind.` The first chapters trace the decline of the nobleman Falkland from a man of honour and high reputation to a reclusive and cunning plotter. Caleb Williams, who is given a position in Falkland`s household, discovers his guilty secret, torments him with it, and then finds himself unjustly accused of a crime and ruthlessly persecuted. The narrative, moving towards a climactic reversal, makes compelling reading. Yet the psychological realism and overt political and social criticisms are also of great interest. As one might expect from the author of an Enquiry Concerning Political Justice (1795), the abuse of power-whetherwielded by an individual or by the State-constitutes an important and engrossing theme. The present text is based on Godwin`s recently discovered manuscript and includes his later revisions. Included as an appendix is the...

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