Cascaded Multilevel Converter

Cascaded Multilevel Converter
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A novel cascaded multilevel converter is discussed in this book. The book discusses an innovative approach to produce more voltage levels from fewer H- bridges in the cascaded multilevel converter. The converter uses fewer H-bridges and the proposed switching scheme renders more voltage levels in the staircase waveform with equal steps. Since the resulting voltage levels are equal, the angles are determined for the complete elimination of more unwanted harmonics. The implementation of the switching scheme, in single and three-phase configurations were simulated with Ansoft Simplorer© and the frequency spectrum of the resulting waveform and its total harmonic distortion are shown to verify the results. Since the number of switches employed in the converter is halved, the loss due to switching is halved. The impact of voltage magnitude variations on harmonic elimination is analyzed. Source and switch utilization is also evaluated.

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