Cephalopods: Octopuses and Cuttlefish for the Home Aquarium

Cephalopods: Octopuses and Cuttlefish for the Home Aquarium
TFH Publications
Поступления - 2008 г.
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Морской волк, Рассказы рыбачьего патруля, Белые и желтые, "Король греков", Набег на устричных пиратов, Осада "Ланкаширской королевы", Уловка Чарли, Деметриос контос, Желтый платок, Игра


While books previously published about octopuses and cuttlefish offer information about these animals in their natural habitats, Cephalopods is the first book that extensively covers care and husbandry techniques for keeping these exotic and highly intelligent marine creatures in the home aquarium. Written by two experienced hobbyists who have had multiple successes keeping cephalopods, Cephalopods includes species that will survive in the home aquarium as well as species to avoid. The book also provides instructions for the difficult but rewarding task of breeding cephalopods in the home aquarium. A special chapter is devoted to photographing your octopuses and cuttlefish so you can capture their exquisite appearance and ethereal movements for years to come. Tip boxes, charts, and sidebars serve as the perfect compliment to the beautiful photography and informative text.

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