Chern on Dispute Boards

Chern on Dispute Boards
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This book provides a detailed, practical explanation as to how dispute boards work in construction contracts. Traditional methods of dispute resolution focus on resolving a dispute once it has arisen. In the case of a dispute board, a panel of impartial members is appointed at the outset of the contract with the aim of monitoring its progress, resolving disputes as they arise and providing a forum for discussing difficult matters. Dispute boards are now mandatory in all FIDIC and World Bank contracts, as well as for other development bank funding of infrastructure projects worldwide. They also form part of the ICC contract and are expected to be used on projects relating to the UK Olympic Games. This book will examine the following: ?How a dispute board works ? Insider knowledge of board operations ? Key documents to run a dispute board ? The law (worldwide) on the subject ? Forms of practice and procedure ? Sample documents ? In depth analysis of...

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