Circuit Design for Rf Transceivers

Circuit Design for Rf Transceivers
Focal Press
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Circuit Design for RF Transceivers covers key building blocks which are needed to make an integrated transceiver for wireless and cellular applications, that is low-noise amplifiers, mixers, voltage controlled oscillators, RF power amplifiers and phase-locked loop systems. Starting from detailed RF concepts and specifications, the authors discuss the circuits in detail and provide solutions to many design problems. The circuits are implemented in a wide range of modern technology processes. Production requirements are taken into account, and measurement results are presented and discussed. Several of the presented circuits are used in IC products. The text also includes several RF technologies (for example double-poly, Silicon-on-Anything, SiGe-bipolar, RF-CMOS, etc.) and microwave design techniques, such as transmission line concepts. In addition, the problem of connecting the RF signals on-chip to the PCB and to the antenna will be discussed, including the influence of the package,...

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