Circuits and Systems for Wireless Communications

Circuits and Systems for Wireless Communications
Kluwer Academic Publishers
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This book contains revised contributions by the speakers of the 1st IEEE Workshop on Wireless Communication Circuits and Systems, held in Lucerne, Switzerland, from June 22-24, 1998. The aim of the workshop was to demonstrate the vast expertise of the CAS Society in the area of circuit and system design to the rapidly growing field of wireless communications. The workshop combined presentations by invited experts from academia and industry with panel and informal discussions. The following topics were covered: RF System Integration (single-chip systems, CMOS RF circuits), RF Front-End Circuits (CMOS RF oscillators, broadband design techniques), Wideband Conversion for Software Radio (A/D conversion issues, wideband sub-sampling, low-spurious A/D conversion), Process Technologies for Future RF Systems (Si, SiGe, GaAs, CMOS, packaging technologies), DSP for Wireless Communications (DSP algorithms, fixed-point systems, DSP for baseband applications), Blind Channel Equalization (adaptive...

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