Community College Assessment: Assessment Update Collections

Community College Assessment: Assessment Update Collections
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Происшествие, Художники, Медведи, Надежда Николаевна, Сигнал


Good measures of student learning are scarce and all institutions are struggling with the challenge of effectively and reliably assessing student learning.A‚A Nowhere is this challenge felt more strongly, however, than at the community college, where students enter with diverse education goals and are more likely to transfer, stop out, or even drop out.A‚A This makes the need for assessment methods of demonstrated value in the community college setting more critical than ever.A‚A This new booklet A‚A is designed to address this need, presenting for the first time between two covers some of the strongest illustrations of good practice that have appeared in the pages of the award-winning newsletter, Assessment Update .A‚A Articles address such issues of concern to community college faculty and administrators as evaluating transfer success, the community and technical college students’ perceptions of student engagement, assessing learning communities, assessing...

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